Liberals Are Keeping The Race Card In The Game

In a post-racial era with a post-racial President we should be able to simply cast a vote for the candidate we chose by the content of his/her character. But, the racists at USA Today are chattering about black candidates losing elections because they are black. Americans thought we were past this sort of thing. We are post-racial now with a post-racial President, right? No. Millions of whites who voted for Obama out of “white guilt” are facing the grim reality that they have been hoodwinked. obamaracecard-1-LARGE.jpg

See, the term post-racial has been redefined. Non-racial people think it means being colorblind in everything we do. Instead, the Statists are twisting it to mean everything is related to race. In other words, because we elected Barrack Obama as President we are admitting our white guilt. Therefore, deep-down we are all still racists because we lift Obama up and then proceed to hang him in the noose through disagreement. The problem with this perspective is that Americans are not disagreeing with the President because of his race.

Racism is power in America. When Blacks want to assert power, they claim the “R” word. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have made a life out of manhandling civic groups and corporations into paying reparations for being racist. Now Hispanics are following that lead calling enforcement of trespassing laws in Arizona the “R” word .

Using the race card is an indirect method of silencing and destroying the creditability of another. When that word is being tossed around, it is evidence that desperation and despotism is at front. Accusations of racism, for matters unrelated to race, is paramount to verbal violence and accusatory assault. Americans are sick of it.

Obama may be the post-racial President, after all. The abusive treatment of everyday Americans by race-baiter’s such as Obama, Jackson and Sharpton may trigger the end of “white guilt” in America. We may come to a point in this country where pulling out a race card will be a racist act in-itself. Maybe then we can judge people by the content of their character.

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