Clinton May Get His “First Black President” Title Back After All

clinton black.jpgConsidering how well Obama is doing so far as President, it is very likely that many Blacks will abandon supporting him because of shear embarrassment. He is already being labeled the worst President in recent history. Obama is becoming such a grand failure so quickly that Blacks may equate support for him the same as supporting a loser. Americans don’t like being on the losing team.

Even before the oil spill, he was on the path of earning the “Best Worst President” title. Now that he is standing by while oil poisons our Gulf Coast, his Black supporters may finally have to wonder how Black he really is? How could a “brother” let his people get stained with oil? How will his people survive in the hood now that oil is consuming the natural resources and Gulf Coast economy they depend on? It is obvious that Obama has let this spill infect the coastline and allowed this disaster either through intention or ignorance.

As the first Black President in America, it would have been nice for aspiring blacks to have a leader they could model after and esteem too. Instead, Obama is handing children of color a history filled with failures and faux pas. The only challenge will be to decide what will be considered the biggest failure as President.

Many African-Americans will look back and think of the good ole 1990′s with Bill Clinton. They may reclaim him as their first Black President. The first real Black President seems too busy succeeding at failure and shaming a great race of Americans.

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