Sparks of Liberty have Started in North Carolina. More Violence Sure To Come

My distinguished Congressman Etheridge assaulted a lowly student for asking questions. Governor Spencer, a socialist and black liberation activist (aka community organizer) assaulted Nathan Tabor at a Tea Party protest.

What will be next? More violence for sure. Good thing that North Carolinians are well armed.

Democrats and socialists such as Spencer know the gig is up. America has realized that Obama and the Democrats are nothing more than older hippies who want revenge on our American Heritage. Like spoiled brats, these overgrown teenagers think they can make the world better than their parents. But, as Rush Limbaugh has said for years, Democrats can not be themselves and win elections. They have to lie, manipulate and supress who they are in order to gain votes.

Now that the lies are exposed, the only tool left to use is violence. Violence is the tool of radicals.

Be prepared.

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