The BP Oil Spill Will Not Be Obama’s Katrina, It Will Be His 9/11 Conspiracy Moment

image Karl Rove wrote in his Op-Ed proclaiming that the BP Oil Spill is and will be Obama’s Katrina.  But, I think that is putting it very timidly.  This is quickly becoming similar to a 9/11 conspiracy moment.  Forget Fahrenheit 911, this is Fahrenheit-Gulf material.  From the outset, this whole incident has become a classic cover-your-butt maneuver.  The best response government has given us is threats of violence against a private corporation.

The other day, Obama said the words – but did not sell the goods.  He pontificated:

“This has been our highest priority since this crisis occurred.”

“The federal government is fully engaged, and I’m fully engaged”

Any fool knows that this is complete utter non-sense.  A review of Obama’s engagements during this crisis shows that he was and is not doing anything of value for this.  Our Federal Government is not even “present” much less engaged.

As Rove points out, because of the 1988 Stafford Act the Federal Government was and still is responsible for the interventions.  Instead, the government has been apathetic at best and impeding progress to stop the oil from reaching US shorelines.  With trust in the government at a historic low even before the oil spill, the mishandling of this tragedy will be further damaging to the creditability of those charged with keeping us safe.

Obama’s inaction and total disinterest in dealing with the tragedy begs explanation.  His behavior alone sets up a mysterious environment that can fill volumes of books.  But, what instructions he has been giving to administration officials will be the beef of the story.

It may be far-fetched to accuse the government of blowing up the oil well.  But, it is not a stretch to imagine our government doing nothing to prevent oil from reaching the coastlines of America.  Our government wants to own our country’s oil.  Promoting and encouraging the failure of the private sector efforts in the gulf empowers it to take control of the oil.  That is nothing short of a conspiracy.

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