Census Workers Don’t Have To Bother With Cardboard Cutouts After All

AMER0030 In a recent post, I surmised that Census workers (aka former ACORN workers) would try to increase the census counts of poorer neighborhoods by having residents make cardboard cutouts of people.  This way, when the enumerator came by for the count, the ACORN worker could count fake people casting shadows in the windows.  Little did I know, the Census workers actually did not have to make such trouble.

The law enables them to demand information about renters in a rented property.  Subject to a $500 penalty, owners cannot refuse to provide information about the inhabitants.  Any money-concious manager will start barking out names and numbers for all sorts of people.  The Census worker can turn fact into fiction by writing anything they want on the forms.

Luckily, the law (Title 13, Chapter 7, Subchapter II, ยง 223 of the US Code) does not allow Census workers to simply walk into someone’s living quarters to physically count someone.  They don’t want to do that anyway, numbers are easier to count when they are fictitious.

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