Hooters Forgets What Hooters Are Made Of

Cassie Smith of HootersI know that owls see better at night. But, even the Hooter’s mascot could see and appreciate the beauty of a cute waitress. For some odd reason, a Hooters in Detroit put a waitress on probation for being too heavy. Cassandra Smith was told that she was too fat for that. They told her to “…go thee to the gym.”

Hey, Hooters. Why don’t you serve some healthier food in the restaurant, first? Then, Mr. Owl – get an education.

What do you think hooters are made of? Adipose tissue, better known as fat. When a woman gains weight, one of the first places they gain is in the breasts. The hips and rear-end follow closely in the amplification process. A great set of hips and a big butt is a baby-maker’s dream. For men with a more visceral and shallower appetite, a large pair serving drinks will do just fine.

Anorexia is so 90′s, folks.

Ms. Smith is claiming that her civil rights have been violated. That must be in the same list of Constitutional civil rights that endow everyone with a flat-screen TV, free vacation and new tires on their pimped-up ride? Ms. Smith is acting like a blonde! Its Hooters, who cares?

Overall, it makes no sense for Hooters to put a waitress on probation for gaining a few pounds. Men love full-figure women, and the knuckleheads in owl-ville know this. In reality, it is obvious that woman-to-woman baditude is present here. You know, that friction and silent anger between two women for no apparent reason? That is baditude. Each woman thinks they are badder than the other, and they so want to pull some karate out of their purse and make Laura Croft look like a teenage Wonder Woman. There is a girl scuffle going on here, folks.

Maybe, Hooters should upgrade and offer mud-wrestling for angry waitresses? I bet Ms. Smith could knock a few owls off their snobby branches.

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