Kids Are Racist, Too. The New Phase of White Guilt: Genetic Racism

Homosexuality is considered to be “genetic” by liberal populists. Being gay is considered something a person is born with which can not be controlled anymore than hair or eye color. A new frontier of secular study is emerging. Reckless researchers are trying to demonstrate that racism is genetic and something we are born with, too.

Now that several generations of us have grown-up in a post-segregation civil rights America, the race card becomes less and less effective. Generation X’ers and Y’ers have grown up with all kinds of people. Being a called a racist is like being called a communist since it has very little current real world relevance. Isn’t the Cold War and Global Warming the same thing to kids today?

The latest example of this social engineering is a CNN show with white children and their parents. The children are asked to correlate a certain trait such as mean or ugly with different colored dolls. As the child points to darker colored dolls, the parents break down in tears on the show. The poor parents feel so guilty they are driven beyond controlling their emotions. Yes, that is called White Guilt. Secularists and racists do not want us to forget it, either. Racism.jpg

A so-called child development expert, Po Bronson, is quoted as saying “…in the absence of messages of tolerance … they will naturally … develop these skin preferences.”

Hey, that in itself is a racist statement since it makes presumptions about little children without any knowledge otherwise. These children can barely dress and feed themselves. Yet, they are qualified to make a concrete statement about race?

So, the bottom line of the study is this: If white parents do not instill a sense of white guilt into their children, then they will naturally become racist.

To add to insult, the study pointed out that black children were less likely to demonstrate tendencies of racism. This result was expected since black children are taught about race and “racial tolerance” early on in life by their parents. In contrast, white kids were not. Therefore, talking about race and racism is the solution to ending conflicts about race and racism. That is akin to talking about making a nuclear weapon to prevent actually making a nuclear weapon.

White Guilt is the self-inflicted shame a white person should have about blacks in America. After all, we all know that every white person in the US had family that enslaved blacks in the past. As a result, the whitee is mandated to ignore the character and behavior of a black because they are owed judgemental reparations. Sadly, this has been a weapon of choice to silence valid critisism of people who happen to also be black. Instead of assessing the character of an individual, these race-baiters prefer character to be assumed because of race.

Lets hope that average Americans do not buy into this notion of genetic racism. If the white race is considered racist, then a purge of such offensive people would be in order. I thought we learned this lesson from World War II, already ?

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