Month: May 2010

Census Workers Don’t Have To Bother With Cardboard Cutouts After All

In a recent post, I surmised that Census workers (aka former ACORN workers) would try to increase the census counts of poorer neighborhoods by having residents make cardboard cutouts of people.  This way, when the enumerator came by for the count, the ACORN worker could count fake people casting shadows in the windows.  Little did read more …


The BP Oil Spill Will Not Be Obama’s Katrina, It Will Be His 9/11 Conspiracy Moment

Karl Rove wrote in his Op-Ed proclaiming that the BP Oil Spill is and will be Obama’s Katrina.  But, I think that is putting it very timidly.  This is quickly becoming similar to a 9/11 conspiracy moment.  Forget Fahrenheit 911, this is Fahrenheit-Gulf material.  From the outset, this whole incident has become a classic cover-your-butt read more …


Kids Are Racist, Too. The New Phase of White Guilt: Genetic Racism

Homosexuality is considered to be “genetic” by liberal populists. Being gay is considered something a person is born with which can not be controlled anymore than hair or eye color. A new frontier of secular study is emerging. Reckless researchers are trying to demonstrate that racism is genetic and something we are born with, too. read more …