The Godfather Mentions Triangle Conservatives Unite from Raleigh Today

Transcript of Rush’s Statements Today about Triangle Conservatives Unite:

What Democrats In NC Want Us To Do With Our FlagsGet this. This is from the Raleigh News and Observer. Raleigh — Organizers of a tea party event planned for Thursday at the state Capitol are unhappy they can’t carry flags on poles because of state officials’ fears that they could be used as weapons.

“The prohibition applies to the American flag, North Carolina’s state flag or anything else carried on a pole more than a foot in length. Scott Hunter, chief of the State Capitol Police, said that the group will be allowed to carry tiny flags of the kind handed out at parades and Fourth of July events. ‘It’s sad our country has come to this,’ said Laura Long, the Apex woman who applied for the permit on behalf of Triangle Conservatives Unite. The ban on flagpoles and signs with posts that could be turned into weapons was added in September to the permit from the N.C. Department of Administration that groups need to hold demonstrations or events on state-operated grounds.”

So where do you think this is coming from, when they say “state officials”? You know damn well this is coming from the Democrats in the state of North Carolina, and it is a way to blunt, if not stop, the tea party. So in North Carolina now you have two things that can happen. No flags or signs on a pole. A pole could be used as a weapon, don’t you know. No flag, no sign on anything longer than a foot. So guess what? All now the Democrat infiltrates have to do is come out with giant poles and put flags that have messages of racism and sexism and homophobia on them because the law-abiding tea party people are not allowed to carry anything. So the agitators, what did they care about breaking the law? They’re going to get away with it anyway, so keep a sharp eye for it. In North Carolina, if you see anybody with a long pole with a some sort of insulting flag on it (or note, message, what have you) it’s going to be based and probably the responsibility of these people infiltrating the tea party movement.

Don’t worry Rush. North Carolinians are rising up and we will change the face of this state and turn it back to a Red state. The more our North Carolina State Government acts like the free speech police, we will resist.

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