Republicans Are Cow-tipped Pants On the Ground at the ObamaCare Summit

Republicans is so stupid. They show up to the healthcare summit today trying to look strong. The reality is that they are more like sleeping cows in the pasture. Obama is going to have them tipped over and laugh as they fall from grace.

Instead of crawling into the pasture with a bunch of loser Liberals, Republicans should have taken the offensive. They should have scheduled their own summit and invited Obama to that summit. Instead, they let Obama grandstand and control the dialog. Then they are dumb enough to show up, looking like fools with their pants on the ground.

This is why no incumbent Republican should be allowed to stay in office this year. Instead of acting like a party that will gain control after the 2010 elections, they signal that everyone else (but them) is in control of Washington.

Maybe that is not so bad after all? Americans are in control of Washington, not those clowns attending some of the greatest shows on earth.

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