Rewriting History: So Easy, Even Joe Biden Can Do It

caveman.jpgThe great thing about the Obama administration is its minions consistently accuse opponents of using their own strategies against them. Even a caveman could follow Obama’s strategy in the White House. All you have to do is track their complaints of others – and that is exactly what they are doing themselves.

So, on the Sunday shows this weekend, knucklehead Joe accuses Dick Cheney of “rewriting history.” That is exactly what the Obama admin is doing, trying to claim now they are at war. The administration took great pains to say we are not at war last year. It took Obama months to make an executive decision for troop deployment. Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize in expectation that he would stop the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He won that prize because he sent the message that America under his watch would not be at war.

Hey, Joe. Remember we are in an “Overseas Contingency Operation” not a “Global War On Terror?”

Thats right. Obama is in a war against Fox News. That must be what ole Joe is talking about.

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