Douglas Wilder on Obama: Stuck On Stupid and Chock Full of Nuts

This morning on Fox and Friends, former Virginia Governor Douglas Wilder appended his constructive criticism of Obama by declaring that winning the Presidency is different than getting things done in Washington. Basically, he is saying that Obama is stuck on stupid, in permanent campaign mode.

This also acknowledges the fact that convincing Americans to go along with plans they do not want is not a failure of communication – it is a failure of policy. In other words, do not keep trying to cram inept and undesired legislation down the throats of protesting Americans.

“Don’t let yourself believe that Massachusetts and Virginia and New Jersey were some aberration” –Douglas Wilder.

That’s right, Mr. Wilder. The Tea Party Movement is not just a bunch of fanatics and “bitter clingers.”

Wilder’s call for Obama to fire Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine reveals that Democrats are scrambling to find a leader, other than Obama. Aligning with Obama right now is like being a front row passenger on a train going off the rails. It does not help Democrats that Tim Kaine is a nut himself.

Douglas ended a 40 year political career in failure in 2009 as the Mayor of Richmond. Recently he has been lying low, now resurfacing to be critical of Obama and fellow Democrats. Maybe in this case, the pan is calling the kettle black? Failure knows failure when it sees it.

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