Red Blooded Revolution: Lets Push The Reset Button In Washington

Karl Rove declared this week that the State Of The Union speech is not a reset button for Obama. Rove is right. Elections are the reset button. This year, millions are posed to give it a push.the-reset-button-100.jpg

Dick Armey (R-Texas) was rallying the Republican troops today. The former GOP leader of the House issued a challenge to get “small-government, grass-roots conservatives” back in the Republican camp.

Good luck.

Armey acknowledged the difficulty with this considering the overall failure of the 1994 Republican Revolution to solidify and sustain their “Contract With America” for a prolonged period of time. As I recall, the Republicans started with a strong start steering Clinton into passing welfare reform and less government spending. However, Republicans always acted like the underdogs, never putting up much of a fight. Eventually, they morphed into big spending Democrats while hiding from criticism of political enemies and the press. They became spineless weenies.

So, the tea-party people like me are concerned about electing so called Republicans back into office. We fear that over time that the same echo of history will be repeated. We don’t want them to be voted in and then act like visitors to Washington.

Republican Rep. John Shimkus echoed Armey’s concerns saying, “…you walked away from your core principles and values, that’s why you have an outside conservative movement because they have no home.”

Thats why we need to hit the reset button. Lets just get all new blood into Washington so we can prove who is really in charge.

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