Red Blooded Revolt: Obama Throws Fuel On The Fire Of Revolution

Obama’s first State Of The Union address was delivered with pomp-ass arrogance. A year ago, liberals were falling out on the floor with the sound of his voice. The rest of his hopeful voters listened to his words with some element of faith.

Now, his voice incites anger in the bowels of Americans. People now feel a smack against their faces when they hear Obama’s eloquent delivery. If anyone was calm enough to actually listen to what he was saying, then the contempt for America would have incited rage.

Obama talked down to Americans while talking over them. America was already insulted before he spoke. Now they are really angry.

Thank you for throwing more fuel on the fire of revolution in America. Obama’s second State of the Union address will be less glorious year from now. The rebellion surrounding him will incinerate his facade.

Concentrated power has always been the enemy of liberty. — Ronald Wilson Reagan, President Of The United States

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