Haiti Will Be Obama’s Katrina

Nothing good will come of the American effort to rescue and rebuild Haiti. Americans will infuse millions of dollars and it will disappear in the land of embezzlement. Our cash will fund the bullets used to kill needy Haitians when the world is not looking. A typical example of Haitian - an earthly paradise.jpg

American soldiers will dig people out of the rubble and feed those who are hungry. These soldiers will eventually be accused of not doing enough or moving fast enough to make a difference. Eventually, the soldiers will be blamed for Haitian abuse and neglect. They are already being accused of being occupiers of a foreign land by others around the globe.

Obama declared that America will be a hero to Haiti. In the end, Obama will be blamed for hype, not heroism. The main reason for this is because Haiti is a very corrupt and violent place. We can not expect to drop in money to help and have any good results. Good seed will not grow on that barren ground. Yes, for a short time our efforts will be helpful. But, as the rebuilding effort continues, spirits of discontent will crawl out of unsettled graves and haunt Obama. Being a citizen of the world will not save Obama from critics, either.

To be clear, I am not referring to the common people in Haiti. They are and will be most appreciative of our help. However, the common people have no voice and no influence in politics. The corrupt leadership that remains will be an obstacle for success. The newly endowed leadership rising from the dust will intrude in our humanitarian efforts. In order to keep themselves out of trouble, the leadership in Haiti will start pointing fingers. Those fingers will point right at us. The United Nations will most certainly jump on the blame America band-wagon. It would not surprise me if the Haitian leadership blamed George W. Bush for their problems, too.

The finger-pointing has already started. Anderson Cooper of CNN reported on how the dead are being tossed around in mounds in Haiti. In his special report, “Dishonoring The Dead” tonight he outlined how Haitian officials and staff of the US State Department are doing nothing to keep people from being thrown in piles of dead bodies. America is already getting egged for its efforts.

In the end, our charity will be our disparity.

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