It’s War I Tell Ya! Raging Cajun Versus The Nation

James Carville is entertaining. He is one of the most obnoxious clowns in the circus of Democrats occupying Washington. His latest skit declares W. Bush as the source of Obama’s troubles. Blame Bush, Blame Bush, Blame Bush.

Why not? Obama has already been praising Bush for his “inherited” problems. Obama kick started his Presidency by stepping on the Bush legacy. Certainly, Bush tarnished his own mantle by spending, spending and even more spending.

So, here we are a year later. Obama and our liberal Congress have made Bush’s spending seem like throwing pennies in a well. Democrats have increased the national debt ceiling and deficit spent more than any other administration ever. Recent elections show that Americans are not happy anymorecarville600.jpg

Maybe, Obama should blame Bush. After all he is carbon copying Bush’s monopoly money game — only to a worse degree. Bad policy equal bad results. Americans don’t like bad results.

After publishing a book this year, prophesying “40 More Years” of liberal leadership, Carville has to wipe the egg off of his own political face. So, Carville needs to blame Bush for his own failures in punditry. His opinions are worthless.

Carville claims a “next generation” will live life enveloped in liberal ideology. Which generation is that?

Baby boomers like their government security blanket. They can add and subtract, too. Boomers know that adding millions more to a government program will not decrease the cost of the service while increasing the availability of it. Liberals are lying to them, and they know it. They will get off their lazy chair and vote those government growers right out of office in an automatic implantable defibrilated heartbeat.

Generation X is coming of age and coming of power. We are independent souls. We would rather push entitlement elders in Congress right down the steps of the Capital building. X’rs do not like being manhandled or robbed by government pilfers. Government needs to kindly get the heck out of way, please.

The Millennials are fighting our war on terror today. They have a passion for America and are giving of themselves – even their own lives. But, they do not die for the state itself. Instead, they fight for their families and communities back home. Security and the American way of life are vertebrae in the spine of their battles.

None of these generations lean easily to a Liberal agenda. They are not willing to surrender Freedom for the power of the State. The war you been fightin’ is over, Carville. Too bad Bush was better at fighting a war. Guess you can blame Bush for that, too.

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