Month: January 2010

But, Mommy Government – I Like The Loud Commericals. They Give Daddy A Job.

If government regulations about healthcare and CO2 emissions make you anxious, you might turn to the tube to relax. Forget it. Democrats now want to control advertising on your TV. Under the guise of controlling “loud” TV commercials, Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-Calif.) and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) are taking government control to a new low. read more …


Haiti Will Be Obama’s Katrina

Nothing good will come of the American effort to rescue and rebuild Haiti. Americans will infuse millions of dollars and it will disappear in the land of embezzlement. Our cash will fund the bullets used to kill needy Haitians when the world is not looking. American soldiers will dig people out of the rubble and read more …


It’s War I Tell Ya! Raging Cajun Versus The Nation

James Carville is entertaining. He is one of the most obnoxious clowns in the circus of Democrats occupying Washington. His latest skit declares W. Bush as the source of Obama’s troubles. Blame Bush, Blame Bush, Blame Bush. Why not? Obama has already been praising Bush for his “inherited” problems. Obama kick started his Presidency by read more …