Red Blooded Review: Predictions For 2010

2010 Will Be A Tiger Of A Year

My predictions for 2010 grouped by subject:


  1. Healthcare Legislation passed in 2009 will be legally challenged and end up in the malaise of court proceedings. This status will cause the healthcare industry to pause investment and growth. Continued healthcare demand will not be met and a contraction of care and services will result.
  2. Insurance companies will increase their premiums 200%, reduce the number of services covered and decrease preexisting coverage. Despite being in the pockets of Congress during the passage of healthcare “reform” they will be bracing for heavy fiscal losses in the long term. Since they will eventually be controlled by the government anyway, they will be prepared to have the government force them into every inch of reform.
  3. Insurance companies will quietly reduce their lower-paid workforce by 20%. Management level positions will increase 20% to prepare for increased government bureaucracies.
  4. Insurance companies will merge to provide better defense against government “competition.” If mergers are not allowed by government bureaucrats, many of the companies will fold. The workforce from the folded companies will added to the larger insurance companies, anyway.
  5. The newly uninsured from failed insurance companies will be unable to find coverage anywhere else. The government will be overwhelmed Medicaid request and be unable to provide coverage right away. The first reality of government healthcare will be felt across America.
  6. Insurance Companies will implement a reimbursement schedule similar to Medicaid/Medicare. They will delay payment to spread out their liabilities over time, thus decreasing their net loss on paper.
  7. Physicians will begin to implement a “fee-for-service” or subscription-based payment system. These physicians will quickly become unable to accept new patients as current customers will fill the open slots.
  8. Fewer physicians will take Insurance/Medicare/Medicaid. Government will threaten to make the doctor’s refusal of these payment systems illegal.
  9. Masses of physicians 55 and older will either begin preparing for retirement, or will retire. Most of these will be highly skilled specialists. MD’s in their 40′s will be scrambling to pay debt off in order to leave the field quickly before the government takes over their practice.
  10. Hospitals will begin looking at cost-cutting measures such as increasing the nurse-to-patient ratios on floors. A battle with nursing unions will result, strikes will occur and patients will suffer.
  11. Temporary nurse staffing jobs will be in high demand. The demand will draw many highly experienced nurses from local hospitals. Local hospitals from around the country will suffer.
  12. Wait times for medical services will increase due to increased paperwork requirements from Insurance companies and government.
  13. Hastily implemented electronic medical records (to receive ARRA funds by 2011) will result in staff confusion and delayed patient care.  Many implemented systems will be declared a failure, resulting in use of backup paper systems.


  1. The Obama administration will try to quickly pass illegal immigration amnesty by the summer. Democrats know their goose is cooked in November, so they will try to do as much damage as possible before they exit stage left.
  2. Racial tensions will explode like not seen since the Civil War. Mexican illegal aliens will riot and protest for amnesty. Blacks will protest the Mexicans and anyone against Obama.
  3. The liberal media will blame the Mexican and Black violence on White racism which will incite white people to protest and fight back.
  4. ACORN will set fire to media outlets and Black churches to further incite racial anger toward whites. ACORN and Black Panthers will organize race riots in towns across America.
  5. Black rioters will assassinate James David Manning of ATLAH World Ministries for his Anti-Obama rants.
  6. Jeremiah Wright will become a powerful voice in the anti-Mexican and anti-White riots.
  7. The largely minority-based workforce in nursing homes will be more violent and neglectful to clients as staffing patterns are changed and caring for “rich white-people” becomes more stressful.


  1. Obama will become more openly angry and cynical as he sees his favor with the American people decrease. The young voters who looked to him for optimistic guidance will become disheartened as their hero looks more like a zero.
  2. Republicans will take back control of the Congress. This victory will be bitter-sweet because the American public will not be trusting of any party in power.
  3. A dominate third party will take hold after the smoke clears in the tortuous elections in 2010. This new party will keep pressure on the newly elected Republicans to be more fiscally conservative. The Republicans will find it difficult to change the leviathan created in the Clinton/Bush 43 years.
  4. Libertarians and Conservatives will construct the base of the new third party. It will shred what remains of the Republican Party. Liberal Republicans will absorb into the Democrat party.
  5. ACORN will organize an assassination attempt on Rush Limbaugh. This will not kill Limbaugh, but will incapacitate him to the point of being off the radio during the 2010 election cycle. Mark Stein will become the permanent host for the EIB network during Rush’s convalescence.


  1. Employment numbers will increase. The liberal press will scramble to pump good news out about the economy. They will fail.
  2. The US economy will not improve, despite claims by the Obama Administration to the contrary.
  3. The government will continue to shift allocated funds, to sponsor new programs which provide no impact.
  4. The Obama financial operatives will struggle to hide their inability to borrow more from foreign governments.  Hence, the shell game of debt shifting made in point number 3.
  5. The US Dollar will fall in value and inflation will easily be felt be everyone from Wall St. to Main St.


  1. Fabricated climate data will surface from American Universities. Young disciples of Climate change will find and reveal this data in revenge for being hoodwinked. Hell has no fury like a hippie’s scorn.
  2. Universities who sponsored the crooks that participated in the fabrication of data will see a sharp decline in Alumni contributions.
  3. Tuition to colleges will increase almost 100% in the fall of 2010. Lots of college kids will not be able to pay the tuition. These scorned brains of mush will either become flaming ACORN Liberals or Ron Paul Republicans.
  4. Links between carbon traders and fabricated climate data will surface. Legal proceedings will begin against these carbon traders. Monetary stocks invested in climate change will crash and burn. Climate companies will request a bailout from governments around the world.


  1. Fox News will see at least a 45% rise in consistent viewership.
  2. Liberal TV Media will fabricate their viewership numbers to stay on the TV. The real numbers will be hardly measurable.
  3. Liberal newspapers will receive quiet Federal funding through organizations like ACORN to stay in print for the 2010 election season. Fox News will expose this, hence the increase in ratings for Fox.
  4. The White House will send the liberal attack machine to destroy Fox News. Fox News will nullify this effort by exposing it. Obama will lose further creditability with the US public and be compared to Nixon. Many pawn-level White House staffers will be fired in an effort to repair the public’s trust.
  5. Drudge Report will launch a conservative newspaper nation-wide. It will debut utilizing Twitter-like technology and formatted for any kind of portable device. The paper version will be smaller in size, less bulky and easier to carry in a folio. This “short and sweet” newspaper will largely be main highlights of static news. The online version will provide more in-depth and dynamic coverage of stories. USA Today subscriptions will be hit hard.
  6. Fox News will soften its tone after the elections of 2010 in an effort to appeal to the CNN crowd.
  7. The Fox News Show, Hannity will become more “centrist” falling in line with the O’Reilly Factor.  Sean Hannity will become less vocal on Conservative ideals to keep Liberals from being scared away.
  8. The only Fox News shows that will remain creditable to the Conservative cause will be Glen Beck and Greta Van Susteren.  Greta Van Susteren is not a Conservative voice, but will remain fair and balanced to all sides of the political spectrum.


  1. Enterprise-level companies will continue Windows 7 adoption. Fiscal constraints will make the adoption less of priority for many organizations, though.
  2. The Windows Mobile platform will not grow despite bigger marketing efforts by Microsoft.
  3. More details of the Google Android Operating System will emerge. Smaller businesses will delay Windows 7 purchases in lieu of adopting Google services throughout their offices. Cheap and/or free makes a great business investment.


  1. Americans will become sickened by large churches, which tend to mirror the politics of large government.  Therefore, large mega-churches around the country will have decreased attendance.
  2. Many Christians will long for a more personal approach to church.  New smaller churches will emerge from the scene.
  3. Pentecostal-style and Christian fundamentalist churches will emerge and grow.
  4. The largest portion of new Christian converts will be young people in their twenties.  They will be disheartened by the lies of government and seek something else larger than themselves for guidance.
  5. Jesus will replace Obama as the Messiah for many young people.

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