Strip For Your Trip: Lets Get Naked For The TSA

tsa-l-3-scan-taking-place.jpgStripping is not just for small clubs in the outskirts of town anymore. Expect to strip for your trip sometime soon in the full-body imaging machines pilot testing in the US and Europe. The Christmas day attempt to blow up a plane will be the catalyst that triggers mandatory use of full-body imaging. Sadly, many Americans will mindlessly surrender their own privacy for the sake of security. Enter soft tyranny.

Americans would resist the mandatory use of these scanners if they truly knew the revealing nature of these scanners. For instance, how many of us would stand in a room and strip completely naked in front of a mirror? Not many. Why then would we stand in a scanner that does practically the same thing? We wouldn’t. Would we allow someone to take pictures of our children naked? No way. Then, don’t let your kids get in those full-body scanners. That is a pedophiles dream.

The demonstration images presented to the public reveal the primary problem with the system. It is adjustable. A survey of different demonstration images for the technology shows the depth at which these scanners can go for scanning. The depths can be increased or decreased according to the images desired. This is an intrinsic function of the machines themselves. X-Ray machines used at your local physician office can be adjusted to the needs of the doctor. Scanning machines used in airports can be adjusted likewise.

Take the Christmas Day underwear bomber as an example. If you wanted to catch another underwear bomber, you would need to scan past the fabric of the underwear. The TSA and other European imaging solutions do not show the capability to reveal a tube of plastic explosives but exclude a talliwacker from view. Guess what is behind that underwear? Your privacy rights.

There is no real way to validate what level of scanning is being done by the TSA. Example images on placards at the airport only show what the government want normal people and potential terrorists to see. If terrorists knew exactly how much scanning was occurring, they could adapt likewise. Therefore, it is implausible to expect the TSA to be honest about how high the scanning level is set. In effect, the TSA will feed the general public propaganda to stop the enemy from being more diligent in their stealth.

Another huge problem with the scanning is the government’s claims that all images are destroyed from memory immediately. If this was true, then why does the system have to save ANY images at all? Are the scans of suitcases going across the conveyor belt recorded? No. Then, why should scans of naked bodies be saved for any reason? It shouldn’t. There should not be any image saving abilities built into the machines.

Full body scanning is not the only way to detect bomb materials.  What about the CAMS device that is custom made to detect PETN?  Count on a government agency to do the wrong thing for the wrong reason.  I am not of the mindset that our government purposely planted the bomber to force this scanning upon the American people.  But, it is wise to keep an eye on all possibilities when it comes to government.

Remember, unless you are willing to get naked at the airport, stay out of the full body scanners. A common dream for people is to show up naked at school or a party. You can guarantee that nightmare will come true when you step into that machine.

Yes, there is some brief violation of privacy with a full-body scan, Rep. Peter King, the top Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee, told Face the Nation. But on the other hand, if we can save thousands of lives, to me, we have to make that decision, and we have to come down on the side of saving thousands of lives.

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