Palin Power: One Out of One Criminals Hate Her

martha_jailbirdFormer jail bird, Martha Stewart, has commented on Sarah Palin saying she is dangerous.  How right Stewart is!  Palin is dangerous to liberalism and statist elitism.  Who really cares what a criminal thinks of Palin, anyway?  Yes, I know.  Only liberals do.

This is another example of typical Democrat disdain for the common American.  Stewart made her riches appealing to the common American woman.  Her domestic goodies and household tips have filled many homes for years.  Now Stewart is part of the rich liberal elite that will take people’s money, yet hate them for it. 

Stewart also said Palin was boring.  It takes one to know one.  When my kids were babies, we got our best naps during the diva’s divine time on the airwaves.

I bet Sarah Palin does not even have any Martha Stewart crap in her loving home.  That probably burns Martha up the most.  Stewart knows Palin could care less about her opinions.  It sounds like Marxist Martha Stewart can not stand the heat in Palin’s kitchen.


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