Imitation Palin? No one Can Beat Obama, the Prince of Puppetry

Responses to my commentary of Sarah Palin’s new book, “Going Rogue” have been interesting.  One relates the fictional ship, the  Kobayashi Maru, to Sarah Palin calling her a fake politician.  While I was referencing the scenario and not the actual ship in my post it does not matter.  It is Obama who is a cheap simulation of a politician, not Palin.

palinkirk-223x300 The American public knew less about Obama than any other Presidential candidate ever.  The Obama campaign has admitted lately to being actively involved in producing the news about Obama for the press.  Loose mouthed liberals in the media were voicing that “…we really don’t who Barack Obama is…” on the eve of the election.  Obama’s operatives created a carefully created facade.  That is the definition of a fictional politician.

Another revealing part of the equation is the KGB-style “fact-checking” of Palin’s book.  In contrast, the blind followers of the “party” spread the content of Obama’s book like propaganda.

Another blogger smartly points out that Palin actually beat the the Kobayashi Maru.  Excellent point.  Either way you approach it, Palin wins.  The no win situation is this: the press can no longer parade Obama like a puppet.  When people figure out they are being lied too, they will turn to something real.  Palin is real, Obama is not.


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