Palin Reloads: Newsweek Stupidly Takes the Bait

In classic liberal stupidity, Newsweek plastered a stolen photo of Sarah Palin on its cover.  This publicity given to Palin is a huge boost to her popularity.  It also stimulates the economy by expanding sales of Newsweek magazine.  But, the big impact to mainstream America is being totally overlooked by the media.

Sarah Palin: Halloween Costume Imagine the common American woman in the checkout line of the grocery store.  She is in a hurry wanting to get home.  She is tired and probably thinking of some stressful aspect of their life.  She sees the picture of Palin in running shorts and thinks, “Wow, she is pretty.  How many kids did she have?”  The cover generates an appreciation of Palin’s fit legs and sassy smile.  She admires this hot mom.  Deep down, she wants to think of herself in the same way.  The thought, “I am a hot mom” echoes in her mind.

Upon scanning some of the article, she may find similarities to her own hectic life.  She relates to raising a husband, growing a career and keeping children moving forward.  Believe it or not, this Palin woman really adores her husband and kids and identifies herself with her family.  That really sounds like herself, come to think of it.

Those mean back-biting weasels she works with—sound just like the liberal press.  They are constantly looking for something bad to say.  The press is jealous of Palin in the same way those other tramps in the office mumble about the kids’ baseball and dance photos, she contemplates.  

Later, this American woman hears that the Newsweek photo was posted illegally in violation of the contract of the original publisher.  Newsweek acted just like her ex-husband, being a liar and cheater.  It took time, but she recovered from that slime bag’s actions.  The American woman realizes that she is a strong and viable force, just like Sarah.  Hey, she could be President, too.  If she can be President, then so can Sarah.

“Sarah is not retreating.  She is reloading.”  –Sarah Palin’s Red Blooded American Father.


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