Give Us Your Sick, And Dying, And New Voters

Today the Obama administration reversed the ban on HIV infected people immigrating into the US.  This will be another financial blow to an already struggling health care system in the US.  HIV and AIDS is one of the most expensive and difficult diseases to treat.  Guess who is going to pay for the treatment of these people?  Americans will, of course.

HIV Of course, health organizations around the world applaud this move.  The motivation for this is being portrayed as America now having acceptance of HIV infected people.  America’s prejudice toward the sick with HIV has now become another example the liberal mantra of ‘tolerance’.

The rest of world is pleased with Obama’s actions because of wealth transfer – not tolerance.  All of those costly antiviral medications, hospital admissions for pneumonias and management of HIV Dementia in our state psychiatric hospitals will be very expensive to treat and manage. 

"Now, those families can be reunited, and the United States can put its mouth where its money is: ending the stigma that perpetuates HIV transmission, supporting science and welcoming those who seek to build a life in this country,"  –Rachel B. Tiven, executive director of Immigration Equality.

I wonder how many HIV patients in wheelchairs will be pushed to the polls by ACORN workers in 2012?  Even dead people vote when ACORN is involved.  This is another burden for a healthcare system that Obama says is broken and needs repair.  I am sure the influx of patients will surely help.

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An example of the high cost of Treating HIV/AIDS

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