Cheney to Obama: Stop Voting "Present" In Afghanistan

The anti-war libertarians and code pink liberals are right.  Afghanistan is Obama’s Vietnam.  Obama is waffling on doing anything in the war.  Today, Dick Cheney called him out on this fact.  Cheney stepped on Obama administration attempts to blame their own inaction on President Bush.  If Fox News had not revealed this, how would we have known?

The last time I didn’t do anything, I got nothing in return.  Why should Obama expect to get any success out of the war if he does not give success to the effort?  Unfortunately for soldiers in battle, doing nothing will get you killed.

Child-like Wisdom

The primary job of the President is to keep America safe.  So far Obama has been highly skilled at spending borrowed money, giving out goodies and throwing big parties.  He has had concert after concert at the White House while many suffer in an economic crunch "…the worst since the depression…"  I am sure the poor people in downtown Chicago benefit from his White House lawn parties.

Oh, we can’t forget his oratory skills.  He speaks and the world just shakes in submission.  Sorry, that hasn’t worked since the election.  Speaking has not worked to pound Iran into submission.  His pontification did not work on the Olympic Committee.  Apologizing to the rest of the world has made us a laughing stock.

Worst of all, Obama is showing his inability to do the primary job he is charged with – defense.  He can do everything else pretty well.  But, when faced with a real decision that has real consequences he crumples into silly puddy.

As Obama demonstrates his inability to defend America, the rest of the world watches.  Expect hostilities toward America to increase during the next 3 years.  When our country lowers its shield of defense, the rest of the world will move to hit us hard.  Bullies love to beat up the coward on the block.  Pray our bruises do not destroy us.

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