Month: October 2009

Another Great Reason To Download Movies: Hollywood Does Not consider Rape to Be Rape, Rape

Liberal Hollywood is voicing its support of a child rapist.  Shamefully, they parade their double-standard for one of their own.  Even Whoopi Goldberg called the actions of Roman Polanski not really, “Rape, rape.”  These are the sick who support organizations such as “Nambla.”  These actors in Hollywood are so repulsive.  They think our children belong read more …


Cheney to Obama: Stop Voting "Present" In Afghanistan

The anti-war libertarians and code pink liberals are right.  Afghanistan is Obama’s Vietnam.  Obama is waffling on doing anything in the war.  Today, Dick Cheney called him out on this fact.  Cheney stepped on Obama administration attempts to blame their own inaction on President Bush.  If Fox News had not revealed this, how would we read more …