Sarah Palin: The Liberal’s “Kobayashi Maru”

The infamous “Kobayashi Maru” is the classic no-win scenario situation in the Star Trek world.  The real world parallel is the power that Sarah Palin now has over her political fate.  The media is facing a lose-lose situation dealing with Palin, and they know it.

Palin’s first book “Going Rogue: An American Life” has already ranked #1 in sales palinpower on Barnes and Noble and #1 on Amazon.  This is after a few days of being on sale for pre-order.  The response will be so big that it will be difficult to discard Palin as a Republican political fad.  The publisher, Harper knows the response will be big.  That is why they are delaying the audio book’s release a month after the hard cover version.  The publisher is looking to cash in on hard cover sales.  I would not be surprised if the total sales of this book rival that of Obama’s “Nightmares of My Father” in a very short time.

The government media will not be able to ignore the book like they did with Mark Levin’s “Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto”.  Palin is an electrical figure that the press will love to hate.  Unfortunately for the press, they are in their own isolated world that has little to do with grassroots America.  People will read this book and fall in love.

Herein lies the problem for the left-wing media.  People like Palin.  These people will not like the obvious effort by the press to demean and slander her.  This time, Palin is controlling her own press and getting her word out in a positive way.  She is not letting the press be her voice.  Instead, they will be backbenchers chasing her around trying to create trouble.  The press will not be able to win or outflank her because they are in a defensive position.  Palin will play offense and control her own destiny.  That is a classic American story that many will love.

–PS. Liberals have already murmured rumors that Palin did not write her own book.  That sounds like a familiar argument accusing Palin of being a fraud like their fearful leader-Barack Obama.  Yes, more evidence is emerging that Obama was not the author of that book he wrote.

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