Liberal Lisa: The Poor Doll Baby For Rich Kids

doll--300x300 When Toy Story 3 eventually comes out, this poor doll made by “American Girl” will surely be in the cast of toy misfits.  After all, only snotty little rich kids would want a doll that replicates a homeless child and costs $95.  When the kids get tired of feeling sorry for them, they will find another toy to victimize (play with).  Like their liberal parents, sympathy will only entertain for a short time until a better dependant is found.  Then the doll will really be homeless – rotting in a landfill somewhere.

The real name of the doll is Gwen Thompson.  The story line behind the doll is a nightmare and reads like an episode of Gangland.  Contrary to popular belief, this doll is not another love-child of John Edwards.  At least as far as we know.

In reality, the people behind Gwen are sick and twisted.  They are setting up a generation of children to feel guilty for their good fortune.  The other indirect lesson from this street doll is that everyone is a victim, and that someone is to blame.  In this case, the father is the bad guy.  I wonder how many good providing fathers bought this piece of art for their kids?

Most importantly, toys such as this stifle the imagination.  Child toys should be a smaller representation of the world around us – without circumstance.  This way, children can learn about what they see in the world in a way they understand.  When you put a doll with a history in front of a child – that ruins it.  A child should make up the doll’s story as they play with it.  That is what we call fun.

Since we are on the subject of liberal toys.  Here are other popular liberal doll names you can expect to see:

  • Syphilis Sally
  • Wall-street Willy
  • Blind Bob
  • Gay Gary
  • Racist Ricky
  • Hooker Hanna
  • Republican Robert
  • Black Bubba
  • Murderer Marvin
  • Poor Peter
  • Amputee Andrew
  • Decapitated Dillon
  • Tea party Tim

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