What more can a “post-racial” President need than an old Southern President claiming that whites hate Obama because he is black.  Those with knowledge of Carter’s history know that he has been an advocate for fair treatment of blacks in the old-south since the sixties.  Unfortunately, Carter is stuck in the 1960’s.

racecard First of all, the claim can only be partially true, since Obama is 1/2 black and 1/2 white.  So, if whites hate the black half of Obama, is it fair to say that blacks hate the white half of Obama?  Seems logical.

Critics of Carter have called for Obama to make a race speech acknowledging that he does not believe his critics are racists.  That will never happen.  To give spoken acknowledgement of tea party protestors and health care reform opponents would give them credibility in his mind.  He will not mention these opponents unless it is put in his face.

Obama is an artful dodger.  He is going to let the arguments occur “below” his level while appearing to rise above the politics of race.  This will be Obama’s trademark.  Liberals will hail him as so glorious that the President will not bother with such trivial matters.

Carter said it out loud.  But, there is no proof that Obama feels differently from Carter.  He has played the race card himself, and may have slid into the White House on the precipice of white guilt.

Finally, the Obama Administration feeds on crisis.  Nothing beats conflicts about jobs, money, healthcare – and now race.  What better way for Obama to gain street credibility than to step into a crisis and appear to solve it.  We might be headed right back to 1960’s riots over race.  Obama and the Democrats are counting on it.

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