Obama’s internal lbj will be doa

Asking Obama to utilize skills of Lyndon B Johnson is like asking Steven Segal to be like Rambo.  Both have their own techniques and both just as deadly.  History will reveal a cold-hearted Chicago-thug administration with a trail of damage.

lbjinyourface The problem for Obama is that being a LBJ will not work.  Americans have forty years of exposure and experience with government intervention in our healthcare.  And they are sick of it.  Frankly, Americans are barely holding on to what is left of their healthcare.  The government blames the “evil” insurance companies for the high cost of healthcare.  But, it is government interference that has resulted in escalating costs of healthcare.  Despite what many elitist Democrats think, Americans are not stupid.  They know that when government steps into a situation, the costs go up and delivery goes down.

The only people who want government to control healthcare are those who think they benefit from such policies.  But, educated Americans see the government-run programs of other countries around the world and want nothing of it

The protests from Americans are scaring the congress into a stunned submission.  Obama may be able to threaten folks like LBJ.  But any congressman worth his/her salt knows that a vote for government-run healthcare will be a free trip to the unemployment line.  Unfortunately, Obama will not be able to claim that he saved those jobs.

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