Only The Good Die Young: Ted Kennedy Dead At 77

How ironic it is, that the least capable and most derelict sons of Joseph Kennedy would live the longest.  While not perfect by any means, the first brother who was killed early in life more than likely would have held the family name to a higher standard.

USS Ted Kennedy

USS Ted Kennedy

The biggest mystery is how the Kennedy legacy would have unfolded had Joseph Kennedy, Jr. not perished during his action in WWII.  it was widely known in the Kennedy family that Joseph Jr was to carry the political torch for the family. But, upon his death the younger boys had the responsibility to drag the family legacy along. the younger boys were propelled into a life pursuit that was void of a benchmark of character.  Without boundaries they wander through the wilderness. few make it out of the wilderness.

Judging from Joseph Jr’s short but stellar military career, he was a cut above.  He was a brave leader with a strong sense of duty to his country and others.   The country needed such a fearless pioneer in the cold-war era.  Sadly, we got the left overs – his younger brothers.

Instead of a sincere heroic family legacy, the younger brothers set the standard a infidelity, imitation and imperialism. Any other accomplishments were parodies of fiat manufactured by the press.

It appears the Kennedy family curse follows a pattern.  The better the Kennedy, the quicker that fate takes them out in a blaze of glory.

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