Chicken Heart: Kay Hagan Hides Behind Her Desk

Don’t count on Kay Hagan to fight for us in North Carolina. She does not even have the guts to face real North Carolinians in an open town hall meeting.

Kay Hagan: Like Colonel Sanders - Chicken!

Kay Hagan: Like Colonel Sanders – Chicken! Yes, that is Obama posing as Dark Helmet.

This is surprising since she could easily stack the crowd to her favor if done right.  For instance, she could set up a town hall meeting in Chapel Hill – at John Edward’s house.  We know there is nothing going on at the Edward’s place these days.  If John was busy with his new baby, then the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill should be open.

She could have dug up Obama voters in Durham and staged a supportive rally at Duke University Medical Center.  I think Mike Nifong’s place is open, too.  There is not much going on there, either.

If push comes to shove, she can setup at John Umstead Hospital in Butner, NC.  That state psychiatric facility has been a sanctuary for patients exported from the bowels of Dorthea Dix Hospital in Raleigh.  While she is in Butner, she can visit Bernie Madoff to ask advice on how to pay for a government-run healthcare system.

Hagan’s state is full of some of the top hospitals in the nation.  From the coast to the mountains, North Carolina is famous for the quality of heathcare given to its citizens.  Locally to her office in Raleigh, she has a smorgasbord of options for healthcare.  There is WakeMed, Rex Healthcare, Duke Raleigh, UNC, Duke and the VA Medical Center in Durham.  This does not include the smaller local hospitals that affiliate with these larger hospital systems.  The quality of these facilities is a source of pride for many of us who work or have worked in these health systems.

Come to think of it, Hagan should keep hiding.  The state-run examples of North Carolina state-run healthcare are not very good.  An example of this is Cherry Hospital in Goldsboro.  Compared to the private healthcare industries in this state, the state’s ability to render care is child’s play.  I think Kay Hagan knows that she would face tough criticism for even thinking our community wants government-run healthcare.

Hagan was not an intellectual heavy-weight during the campaign of 2008.  So, I would expect her to stay away from debate on legislation, anyway.

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