Red Blooded Revolt: Americans Fight Back

Americans can be real apathetic with government matters.  We get busy with our day to day lives and just tune Washington out.  But, the best way to get Americans off the couch is to threaten their finances and their lives.

Finances are being heavily effected with unemployment going up despite government bailouts.  Now, our lives are being threatened by a government takeover of the healthcare industry.  Only such threats would scare people enough to suppress the fear of public speaking and vocalize their opinions in public.

The rambunctious town hall meetings are the proclamations of those who have historically not been involved in a dialog about government.  Non-voters, independent voters and Republican voters are there.  They did not ask for the Obama health plan, and they are speaking out.

American voters did not vote to be ignored, insulted and cast aside in a flurry of childish name calling.  The media is also hanging itself for assisting the democrats in portraying regular Americans as violent and ignorant.  This is of course, the furthest from the truth.  Some democrats are realizing this, and see the Obama mandate falling into dust.

These town hall meetings are the beginning of the end of the Obama administration and the current Democratic leadership in Congress.  George Bush, 41 lost the 1992 election because of finances.  Obama will surely lose the election in 2012 over taxes that threaten finances.  But, many more will show up to the polling places because they will know their lives are threatened by government control of healthcare.

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