Hillary Clinton: Keep Him, Not Treat Him!

Somewhere tonight furniture is flying in Washington, DC .  Bill Clinton flew into North Korea and retrieved the two journalist hostages being held for months now.  Hillary must be absolutely livid.  The one chance she had to get rid of Bill in a communist hostage situation is over.  Those dreams of him being tied to a missile will not come true after all.  Instead, she is thinking Bill did his usual.  He slid in and out so fast they didn’t even know he came.  North Korea, that is.

"In and Out. Thats all Bill can do!"

To make matters worse, Hillary gets no credit.  Obama’s staff denied his they had anything to do with the negotiations.  Who do they think is stupid now?  A former President of the United States with lifetime Secret Service security flew all the way to an Axis-of-Evil, and Obama’s people had nothing to do with it?  Sure and I have some great US gold to sell you…

At first glance this really seems rather harmless.  But, you know there were trinkets exchanged in the background.  So, my advice to any traveling US citizens out there is to watch your back.  Foreigners are going to expect Billary Clinton to show up with smiles and some booty in the back to release your kidnapped self from the grip of tyranny.

Oh, but you might want to be careful who kidnaps you because Obama will not bargain with just anyone.  Make sure the country of origin is an enemy of the US.  Make sure the leader has threatened the US.  Finally, make sure Jimmy Carter likes them.  If they meet these requirements, you might not have to suffer like John McCain did.

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