A Teachable Moment: Drinking Alcohol Makes It All Better

All Presidents teach us something.  Bill Clinton taught us what is, is.  He also taught us that oral sex is not sex.  George W. Bush taught us how not to pronounce nuclear.  His dad, George H. taught us that taxes really piss people off.  Jimmy Carter taught us how stupid someone in authority can be.

Obama has taught a generation of young American’s some things, too.  When you have a disagreement with someone, drinking alcohol with them will make it all better.  So, drink up America.  Expect more of these beer summits.  Obama has several more years to put his foot in his mouth.

Obama has also taught us that its OK to not apologize for wrongdoings.  Instead, deflect the issue and hold no one accountable — especially yourself!  But, we have seen this pattern before.  Obama is voting “present” once again.

The President has also shown us how emotions rule his actions, and that he has a quick temper.  Without a spine based on principle, he is a wavering race car on the edge of a cliff.  He needs to take a lessen from Ronald Reagan.

“We must have the courage to do what we know is morally right” — President Ronald Reagan.

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