Once Again, Joe the Plumber Speaks for Americans

Say it again, Joe.  I think many Americans who pulled the switch for Obama are finding out just what a mistake they made. Joe is tired of the games that Washington is playing with our health, our livelyhood and our long-term economic viability.

Obama Deficits

Obama Deficits

Joe is right to cast blame on all sides of the isle.  Republicans are just as guilty for the rampant spread of government spending and disregard for public opinion as the Democrats.  Being a working man, and Red Blooded American, Joe knows the value of a dollar.  He also knows that more of his dollar is being “spread around” disguised as bailouts and healthcare reform.

Joe also knows that unemployed people do not stimulate the economy.  The government bureaucrats lie about how the economy is really doing, while trying to ‘talk’ the economy back into strength.  The fact is more and more people are being removed from Obama’s wealth distribution collection list.  Unemployed people do not keep government entitlements coming, either.

Keep the shout out, Joe.  Keep active.  You could be a Senator in a few years.  How about next year?  We need you.

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