Red Blooded Review: A Great Beer With Food

In my business travels, I get to eat at many different restaurants. From Barbacoa to Zuccotto, I eat all kinds of food, too. It is amazing how versatile and dynamic the flavors cooked in our country are.  With so much fast food out there, a great meal with uniqueness and character is such a treasure.  Nothing beats sitting down in a local place that captures the area’s attitude and flavor.  Often it is the area’s translation of food that is so interesting.  Mexican food in Fargo is different than in Florida, for example.

Heineken Premium Light

Heineken Premium Light

A great beverage is a compliment to the artistic nature of a epulation journey.  I have had many different kinds of beers with different foods.  Domestic beers such as Natural Light and Coors Light have been favorites of mine for a long time.  While these favorite domestics go well with steak and potatoes, they do not blend in well with Italian or Japanese cuisine.

My recent favorite has been Heineken Premium Light.  This beer is extremely smooth and does not cause flavor conflicts on the palate.  The taste is gentle but not weak.  In other words, you know you are drinking a great tasting beer but do not only taste the beer.  I have found it to be best with Italian pasta and a spicy Mexican dish.

The beer is light on the burp factor, not forcing a rebel yell after each swig.  It has a 3.5% alchohol content which if consumed with food at a good pace, should not put you into DUI territory.   Nevertheless, be responsible when drinking.

Be responsible when eating, too.  Enjoy the meal with a Heineken Premium Light.

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