Pop-Up Piranha: Another Work From Home Scam

The word Google has become a synonym for search.  For others, the word Google means money.  In the current economic climate, the numbers of those looking for new ways to make money are up.  Those looking for jobs are doing most of it from there computer.  So, a computer pop-up scam with the Google word in it is a dream come true.
Even a computer savvy person like myself can be a victim.  I almost was after clicking on the pop-up.  At first, it did not look like a pop-up.  Usually, I close out pop-ups without thinking.  But, the window was a full size browser.  This made it appear that I had opened the page on purpose.
After a quick scan of the page, I began to dream of how it would be great to have some supplemental income coming in.  I started to fill out a form and then common sense hit me hard.  I looked at the URL and did not see the word Google in it.  After doing a quick “Google” for this offer, I found it to be a scam.  Headaches avoided.
Since so many people are on the internet nowadays, the old pop-up scams have to be more sophisticated.  They have to appear so realistic that even the best of us can be fooled at times.  Be careful where you click.  It could be a trick.

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