Ole Smokey Saturn Is Finally Getting The Axe

1995saturnsc2In January I told the story of how my Saturn began to break down long before it was paid off. The roof leaked, the engine seals leaked and it sopped up oil like bread dipped in olive oil. The car puffed out oil smoke that we gave it a nickname, Ole Smokey.This pretty much sealed my promise to never buy American-Brand cars again. Since then, I have invested in Hondas. Never will I buy a Saturn, or go back to a GM product. The cars I had before the Saturn were all GM. None of them made it to the loan payoff day. They all had severe defects and needed chronic repairs. At least it kept us in a new car every few years.

Well, it seems GM has the same feelings about Saturns as I do. They have been looking to sell their fleet of disposable cars to some willing buyer. So, even if I was dumb enough to want a Saturn again, they may become another another page in car history. Unfortunately, the shapely cars in the photos will be obscured by the cloud of thick oil smoke bellowing out from its underside. Saturns were famous for oil leak problems. I was another spoke in the wheel of fate. Now hopefully less people will suffer like I did behind the wheel of a Saturn.

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