Building A Great Army: Frequent Practice

A brilliant report links frequency of sex with the quality of sperm a man produces.  The longer the soldiers wait for action, the more likely they are to encounter injury from training and other exercises.  Daily intercourse was shown to keep the boys battle-ready. 

So, ladies forget the “headache” excuse when you are trying to have children.  Science says the man must keep a regimen of daily  sexercise.  In fact, forget being vegetarian.  Live the Sex Diet.

Oddly, the study mentioned how men reacted to the news.  Older men appeared more worried, while younger men were pleased.  This feeds into the stereotype that younger men are like ravaging dogs regarding sex, while old men shun away from it.  If you are too old to have sex, then you are too old to have children.  Grow a garden — not more kids, please.

Another point mentioned that telling men to perform leads to undue stress.  This, in turn reduces the man’s virility.  If being told to have sex causes stress in a relationship, then there are already problems beyond fertility.  Consider it nature’s way of naturally preventing children from being born in a unstable environment. 

I have an even better and more comprehensive home report from 15 years of marriage.  The first, and most important way to build a great army is to: love.

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