“It’s our healthcare, stupid”

If Obama and the Liberal Congress are successful in passing healthcare reform this year, then a major campaign slogan for 2012 will be: “It’s our healthcare, stupid.”  Obama has sent the smoke signals to those in the beltway – pass healthcare reform now or never.  Mr. President knows very well that they want to impose the reform before the American people catch on to what is happening.  He does have the political capital at this time to get just about anything passed.  But, next year will be much different. 

The future of the Congress in 2010 appears to be a shady prospect in Obama’s eyes, too.  The messiah will never get healthcare reform passed if more Republicans take seats in the Congress in 2010. 

Despite the positive spin about the economy by the press, there will be no real gains in the economy, the bailout will be revealed to be a faux pas, and new taxes will kick in.  Americans will be mad and 2010 will bring change all over again.  The monopoly money injected into the economy will cause inflation the highest we have ever seen.

Changes made now to the healthcare industry and the taxes to pay for it will not be felt fully until late 2010 and early 2011, putting a reelection campaign a tough sell.  Obama has already put our country in so much debt that future bailouts to cover-up bad government programs will be less likely.  Even China is seeing the writing on the wall, warning us to stop printing money. 

The biggest problem will be the “fixes” that Obama has in store for the healthcare industry.  Our healthcare is the envy of the world.  That will change when highly skilled American physicians make a mass exodus out of the industry and hospitals reduce staff and services in an effort to comply with government regulations.  Lower-paid and overworked physicians will face a wall of demand that cannot be served.

Remember, Obama was elected after promising a tax cut for 95% of America.  But, when things get worse he will not have the political capital to fix it.  We will all be suffering by then and the American people will catch on to the bait-and-switch.

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