The Prejudicial Branch of the US Government

With most of the Supreme Court Justices close to retirement or a dirt nap, the current president and congress will try to load the court with statist idealists. The President and Congress know very well that if the American people figure out their socialistic agenda, then they will be voted out in two to four years. A change in leadership in the Congress could stop and even reverse the actions taken to undermine our personal Freedoms.

The most powerful and successful means to cement the statist agenda into the American fabric is done through the Judicial Branch of our Federal Government.

If Obama can stack the Judicial Branch with those who use their own personal prejudices to confirm what is defined as law, then the statists can prevent the advancement of any opposing perspective. Then, the Judicial Branch of our government will become the Prejudicial Branch of our government where any opposition to the state will be struck down with the slam of a gavel.

Words of Prejudice:

“I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.” — Judge Sonia Sotomayor

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