Just Call Me “Dick”

The “Whole-Body Imaging” machines being used in airports around the country by the TSA is one of the most privacy-invading and threatening element of the Federal Government in use today. This system seems to work real good in assisting those TSA screeners in finding the very bad among us. The problem is, it scans and shows everything! Most of us are used to scans using CT, MRI and X-ray machines. We accept that loss of privacy because we trust the medical community to keep that information private and secure, and use it for medical treatment only.

But, most of us realize that we can’t trust a government agency to protect our privacy in such a scanner. Even though the data is not “saved” at this time, it very well could be at some point. Then software could be used to add human flesh to one of the images and a new type of pornography is born. There could be a whole industry created that supplies the public with airport nudie scans. Ironically, it is public officials and the famous who would be victimized by this first. How hot would an airport scan of Britney Spears be on the internet? Very hot.

I would rather strip down to my underwear before getting scanned. I would have to tell those TSA screeners to call me “Dick” because that’s the only weapon they would find on me.

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