Windows Mobile 6.1 – A “Stiff” Hand for my Blackjack 2

Recently, I took the dive and upgraded my beloved Blackjack 2 from Windows Mobile 6.0 to 6.1.  Overall, I am very pleased.  The phone seems more stable, with less frozen episodes requiring a hard reboot.  The applications run faster, too.

The greatest thing I love about the upgrade is the screen display.  The display is much more attractive and clearer to read.

The main problem is the PDA battery life has taken a drastic blow.  It can no longer last for at least two days on a single charge.  Now, it has been reduced to less than eight hours of active use.  So, I get a better experience for a shorter amount of time.  Lots of things in life seem to evolve that way.

Anyone else out there having the same problem?  With the phone, that is.

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