Purdue: Chicken or Bull?

Today, Governor Beverly Purdue of North Carolina announced a pay cut for state employees – including teachers.  That seems rather ironic since she was supported heavily by teachers unions and North Carolina State employees.  But, like a good Democrat, she takes away from others to give to others.

Democrat voters, welcome to income redistribution.  This is exactly what Obama meant when he barfed the phrase “…spreading the wealth around.”  If you don’t feel wealthy, then too bad.  You have been drafted into the war on poverty.

The bottom line is in North Carolina we have Democrats in the legislature and the Governor’s mansion who refuse to accept fiscal responsibility.  Our state budget is over extended and out of control.  Even before the  economic crisis and Federal deficit spending,  our state  had problems with budget shortfalls.  Even when there was an economic boom, our state government could not keep its pants on long enough to avoid a fiscal orgy.

Like many states in the American South, North Carolina has had a rather steady job and housing market despite national trends.  So, if our state can not manage its finances during the good times, then how do we expect any better during bad?

It is unfortunate that the first victims of Governor Purdue’s administration are state government employees and teachers.  It is even more unfortunate that instead of cutting spending and trimming the budget, the Governor cuts the take home pay of our honorable state workers. 

It seems the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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