Obama’s Revenge: Swine Flu

This swine flu from Mexico cannot be discounted as a chance occurrence. Obama was just in Central America paying his respects to all of those who wish to steal or kill us. Suddenly, this new virus erupts on the scene. Government dependents in Mexico have begun to die. Now the bug is spreading all over the world. What does Obama do? He plays golf. Now that is leadership.

Isn’t it obvious that this swine flu was created and released by the Obama administration to kill all of those rich white people in America? Look at the overwhelming evidence. Obama travels to Mexico, and then all of a sudden a new virus begins spreading around the world. Even more intriguing is that the virus is a concoction of pig, bird and human DNA.  Obama has also done nothing to secure our borders and constantly downplayed the significance of this new bug.  The government has used the unsuspecting public as test tubes before. Why not now?

If the swine flu does not kill all of the white people, then the US Center for Disease Distribution will begin to quarantine and kill them off individually. Have you not seen those movies made by Hollywood about deadly bugs resulting in a government takeover? Those movies were planted in the public psyche to educate us on how to get in a single file line and quietly go to the torture chamber.

What was in the book that Hugo Chavez gave Obama? If you turn to page 666, I bet there is a message in crayon that says, "White Swine will die."

Using the Jeremiah Wright Scientific Method, this glove fits.

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