New evidence for Global Warming: The sun is holding-out on us.

Upon reading this article full of double-talk and assumptions, one would suspect the sun is filing for divorce from planet Earth. According to the "Wizards of Weathering Places", the sun is quieter than usual. This quietness should provide some element of global cooling to counteract our rising carbon dirt print. However, the sun is displaying its anger and revealing that our carbon-nation is really at fault for the temperature differences.

The entire article sums up the environmentalist mentality. First overwhelming evidence of some cause leading to an effect is declared. Then we find that the evidence is not understood.   For example, the behavior of the sun is declared to be changing yet they do not understand why. Then at the end of the article, it is revealed that no one knows how the up and down behavior of the sun really works. So, what do we know?

Of course we know very little to nothing. Only the faithful could believe scientists who claim to have all the answers, but do not understand how those very answers were developed.

I would write more, but I am recovering from painful sunburns after mowing the lawn. Can you guys ask Obama to negotiate with the sun to get it more active again?

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