Obama’s First Enemy: Black Muslims from Africa

The irony is almost unbelievable.  Black Muslims from Africa are Obama‚Äôs first enemy and have declared war on America.  This response from these pirates is a  reaction to Obama authorizing the use of force to free Captain Richard Phillips.  The hostage standoff finally ended after snipers artfully sent three pirates to their deaths.  Yes, this is new world of love and peace.

President Obama’s claim of world citizenship seems to have helped him very little in the negotiations to free Captain Richard Phillips. Evidently, Obama’s 
birth certificate is not valid in Somalia and the local criminals there just don’t have much trust in him.  That is too bad, because it would have been nice to have to have four pirates here on American soil enjoying our rights and prison food. 

Hopefully, this episode will register some element of common sense in our new President.  Maybe he will learn now that our enemies cannot be appeased or be 
negotiated with.  Playing mind games with enemies in the world does not demonstrate strength or confidence.  The greatest lessen he can learn is that there 
are actually bad people in the world who will not love America or Americans no matter what we say or do. 

Unfortunately, it will take another 9-11 for him to see this.  Then the blood on his hands will be impossible to ignore. 

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