Obama: “We surrender…uh, I mean apologize”

I know that Liberals in the United Surrendered of America celebrated President Obama’s apology tour in Europe last week.  They think that finally we are at peace with the world for being sorry for our past actions.  But, I have to ask if Obama’s actions have improved our image across the world for being apologetic?

There may be some around the world who think that our American Arrogance is gone – or even wavering.  But, the wise understand that Obama’s comments are a prime demonstration of our arrogance.

First of all, Obama insulted the intelligence of the world community by implying that our country is apologetic.  When in our history as a nation have we not stood to defend our sovereignty when threatened?  The rest of the world knows that we are a “sleeping giant” that roars awake when our freedom is threatened.  Likewise, they know that we will not bow to international pressure.  By our very nature, we believe in Freedom and will be free to respond to threats however we see fit.

Second, Obama implies that America does not expect nor deserve respect.  Not only do we step on the graves of those Americans who have died for freedom around the world, but we insult those in the international community who assisted us in those endeavors.  If we don’t expect respect, then we will have none in return. 

All humans expect respect from others.  When we drive down the road, we expect the respect of other drivers.  When we stand in a line for a service, we expect respect from other customers and the service providers.  The world knows that anyone claiming to not expect or deserve respect is simply a prideful liar.

Finally, the international community knows that Obama was elected and can be easily replaced.  When we get tired of hearing Obama’s blubbering talk, he will be voted back to Chicago land from whence he came.  Our next President could be a red blooded tiger that will earn respect and kick those apologies to the curve.  The likelihood of that happening sounds more “American” than what Obama has been saying.

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