Another Reason Not to Buy “American” Automobiles

In the fourth year of car loan payments for my 1995 Saturn SC2, I was adding a quart of oil a week to keep “old smokey” running.  That car, like many Saturns in those model years were infamous for leaking oil due to an engine design flaw that Saturn never admitted was a problem.  That leaking oil gave me a signature ride that made me a circus attraction at any prolonged stop. 
Before the Saturn, I kept a Chevrolet Corsica alive for several years.  The Corsica was a replacement for my fading Chevrolet S-10 that was losing life as it neared the loan payoff date.  Even before that, my Chevrolet Monza was the original “old smokey.”  The Monza made the Saturn look like a cigar smoker.

I am a good red-blooded Southern American that loves American cars.  But, I just can not own any more of them.  At a minimum, I want my car to last until it is paid off.

So, the big American car makers led by GM went before congress and begged like mud-eating pigs for “bailout” money because they are losing money.  I don’t recall anyone offering to bail me out of owning those GM vehicles?  In fact, I had to bail myself out — by buying only Japanese cars for the last several years.   

Judging by the quality of the GM cars I owned, there has been more focus on feeding the unions than building cars.  This is evident more than ever since the CEOs beg for money instead of cutting the appetite of the unions.

Eventually the union power will burn up in smoke just like my GM cars did.  After all they have years of experience making “old smokies.”

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