Bill Clinton was my Obama

During the 1992 Presidential election season, I was a young man working toward a college education.  My vote was cast for Bill Clinton mainly because of his campaign promise to provide free college tuition in exchange for several years of civil service.  Also, he represented the change and hope for a future I was still yet to build.

Over the next few years, I was so busy working and finishing my education that I almost didn’t notice the unfulfilled campaign promise I had hoped for.  What I did notice was my income being cut by Clinton tax increases and a never ending saga of lies and empty promises.

The best lesson the Clinton years taught me was not to rely on hope – especially hope in a person or the government.  Instead, as I worked to make my achievements a reality, I gained faith in my own abilities.  Faith has been the foundation of my success in life.

Sixteen years later, another president has been elected using the slogan of hope.  But, many who voted for hope in Obama and the government will see all of that eventually fade away.  They will realize that the best things in life come from the endeavors of their own hands, not government.  You can have faith in that.

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